For students who have piano lessons during school hours at Avondale School the following policies apply:


  • Parents are billed for a block of 10 lessons at a time, payable in advance. Fees paid after the due date will be subject to a $15 late fee.  In paying tuition fees you are reserving a place in Bella Sonata Music Studio for the year.

Students working at Beginner-Grade 1 level require a minimum 30 minute lesson @ $400 per block

Students working at Grade 2-3 level require a minimum 45 minute lesson @ $600 per block

Students working at Grade 4+ level require a minimum 60 minute lesson @ $800 per block

  • A Registration Fee of $60 per student (or $75 per family) per annum is charged to cover the cost of online memberships, digital sheet music, trophies, prizes and concerts for the benefit of students.
  • Music books are supplied as needed by the teacher and invoiced to the fee payer.
  • Annual rate rises should be expected.  These follow local Music Teacher Association recommended rates and reflect regular ongoing professional development and enhancement of my teaching skills.


  • For absences due to sickness, notice must be provided by 8:00am by text message or phone call.  If I am not notified the lesson will still be charged for.
  • Excursions and other school-related events must be communicated to me as soon as possible – do not assume that I know of the event. If I go to collect a student for lesson and their class is away on an excursion etc which I have not been notified of, the lesson will still be charged for.
  • If your child has a medical or dental appointment which will mean them missing part of their lesson day, please let me know so that I can rearrange my lesson schedule to fit them in before/after their appointment.
  • For absences due to family events and holidays, lessons will still be charged for in the same way that school fees are not deducted for absences such as these.  However, I will be happy to add an extra 15 mins on to the length of lessons until these absences are made up, limited to 2 made-up lessons per year.
  • Any absences initiated by me will not be charged for.

Practice & Performance

  • Parental supervision is essential in establishing a routine of daily practice. The parent needs to review the lesson at home with the student and ensure that the practice instructions are followed correctly. The parent is also required to provide a good quality instrument for the student to practice on and ensure that it is tuned every year.
  • Students agree to maintain a regular practice schedule.  This is not intended to be excessive or laborious, but simply regular and in accordance with the lesson notes for that week.  Recommended practice times are as follows:

Students in their first year of lessons                                                    10 mins twice a day

Students in their second year of lessons to Preliminary Grade        30 mins per day

Grade 1                                                                                                        40 mins per day

Grades 2-3                                                                                                  45 mins per day

Grade 4                                                                                                       1 hour per day

Grade 5                                                                                                       1 ½ hours per day

Grade 6                                                                                                      1 ¾ hours per day

Grades 7-8                                                                                                2 hours per day

  • Regular performances are organised for students throughout the school year for the benefit and development of the students.  It is expected that students will make every effort to attend and that families will support and encourage their attendance.


  • Families should plan to commit to lessons for the full school year.  If unforeseen circumstances require the student to terminate lessons mid-year, a half-term’s notice must be given, or the equivalent lesson fee will be charged in lieu.
  • An appropriate amount of discussion between us should accompany any decision you make regarding ceasing lessons.  It is beneficial for the student to have a “last lesson” and leave the studio on a positive note with a sense of closure.
  • Although my students are important to me, I reserve the right to terminate a student for consistent poor or uncooperative attitude, continual lack of preparation, consistently late or unpaid term fees.  Prior to termination parents will be notified and ample time will be given to rectify the situation.

Choosing an Instrument

Purchasing a good quality new or second-hand piano protects the investment you are making in piano lessons and enables the student to make beautiful music!

There are three main types of pianos/keyboards available.

  • A keyboard such as this is of insufficient quality for piano lessons at Bella Sonata Music Studio.  There is not a full range of 88 keys as per a standard instrument, and the flimsy stand is suited to playing standing up rather than sitting down.  Purchasing an instrument such as this is a false economy as the novelty of playing a keyboard wears off very quickly.

  • A digital piano with 88 weighted keys, at least one fixed pedal and a full supportive frame is an acceptable instrument for student in their first 1-2 years of lessons.  Digital pianos can depreciate in value quickly as new models are introduced.  You can expect to pay between $750 – $2,000 for a second hand digital piano.

  • The best option to replicate the beautiful music created during lessons is an upright piano (also known as an acoustic piano).  Yamaha and Kawaii are the best brands for the Australian climate.  When well maintained and regularly played, acoustic pianos hold their value well.  A good quality second hand piano can cost between $1,500-$3,000.